Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t frequently have guests at my house for entertainment. Don’t get me wrong. I love being entertained. Throw a good football party with some yummy appetizers, I’m there. Need some dinner guests that enjoy great conversation? I’m your girl. Want to come over for some good p.j. wearing, […]

  • Angela Cinaglia - OH MY!! These are adorable! I especially love the look on her face in the pic right before the bottle pic! That girl has got attitude! LOL I love watching her little personality blossom. She is one awesome little girl. CAN'T WAIT for this beautimous party! ;)ReplyCancel

As far as I am concerned, winter is the season of guilt free laziness. Where unexpected snow days can cancel wonderful photo sessions, but still don’t disappoint. It just means long mornings sluggishly stretch into afternoons and then, without notice, the sun rolls up the pink and golden blanket as it retires for the day […]

  • Linda Dillon - Love this one Stacy! I always felt the same way when my kids were little. Snow days are days when all the routines get disregarded and we focussed on each other and creature comforts:)ReplyCancel

  • Stacy Hart - Thank you, Linda! I absolutely agree with you. It is the little things in life that fulfill us.ReplyCancel

How do I love you? Let me count the ways. I love you as the sun loves the bright blue days. I love you as the bee loves a fragrant flower. I love you as the thirsty duck loves a sudden shower. I love you as the bird loves a song to sing. I love […]

  • laura sitterson - I love that book! Leah has me read it to her often :) Happy birthday to Addisyn! Can you believe a year has passed!?ReplyCancel

I have written the first sentence to this post about five times. I will get to the end and then backspace until I have a blank page again. I don’t quite know the best way to start my first post of the New Year. I feel as though it is the beginning of a new […]

  • Devon - She is such a mini-me of Steve!!!ReplyCancel

  • Darcy - She is such a ham! Love her!

    And I know this is a day early, but congratulations to you and Steve on a wonderful first year of parenthood!ReplyCancel

  • SB - Happy New Year! Love the new pics of Addisyn, especially the last one of her in her crib…soooo super adorable! Happy Birthday sweet girl!ReplyCancel