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 “Hey, what’s up York?” I asked when I arrived at their conversation.  I had met Airman York before, it only made sense to start the introductions there. “Hart!” he responded.  “Have you met Sergeant Morey? She’s new to our shift.” “I’ve seen her around, but I don’t think we’ve ever actually been introduced.” I said, […]

When I was in the second grade, my teacher had a toy treasure chest that was filled with treats and fantastic goodies. Every Friday, if we practiced appropriate second grade behavior throughout the day, we were able to pick a new treasure from the chest to take home. All of us could sense when the […]

  • Shannon Shorter - I am so happy for you and your family, Stacy!! The picture with Steve and Addy in his uniform made me cry….I have no doubt that God has incredible plans for all of you! <3ReplyCancel

  • Jonathan Schneider - Haha… love the tongue! Sorry Stacy!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Jo - Look at her prancing around everywhere!!!! Can't wait till the next time I get to see her (and you)! =)ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly - Put a basketball in her hands and a bulls outfit and we have ourselves a mini jordan!ReplyCancel

  • Stacy Hart - No kidding…she is a little Jordon! She is so beyond adorable walking/jogging all over the place, but she got her first bruise on her head from a wipeout.ReplyCancel

Hi’ya folks! Happy Friday :-) I love helping out other photographers and enthusiasts. I have received wonderful feedback from people about Photog Friday so I am happy to announce that I will be continuing this weekly post! To those of you that are just joining us, you can check out my story by clicking here. I am […]

  • Elaine - I LOVE Photog Friday!!! Really great points, Stacy! Please keep going :)ReplyCancel

  • Darcy - Love the pictures of Max and my sweet baby goddaughter, Keira! Great photo's Stace – you're so friggin' talented!ReplyCancel

  • PARTH - AWESOME <3ReplyCancel

I dream that “Molly Maids” cleans my house. And that on Saturday, the only thing I come downstairs to (after sleeping in until 9:00am) is the smell of fresh bacon sizzling on the skillet and a nice cheesy omelet hitting my breakfast plate. If I may continue this dream… let’s throw in some chirping birds, […]

  • Angela Cinaglia - Was that a SNUGGIE I spotted???? LOL Good for you for enjoying all the little moments that make up a GREAT life! :)ReplyCancel

  • Stacy Hart - Totally a snuggie turned into the Blue Cloak Wonder's robe….lol! it was definitely video worthy…hoping to catch them again in the near future.ReplyCancel