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Vanderwende Acres Wedding \\ Dusty Blue Wedding Inspiration

July 30, 2020

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Hi there! Welcome to the Stacy Hart blog, a journal about my clients' love stories. Pour a glass of wine & stay awhile!
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Looking to set themselves apart from other rustic venues on the East Coast, family owned and operated, Vanderwende Acres brought together a team of vendors to craft a wonderfully romantic styled shoot.  Details of the shoot stemmed from Nikki of Elevee and Co.:  she envisioned a color palette featuring soft blues, greys, and touches of muted purples that produced a cohesive, season-less look that can inspire all. 

Putting a focus on lush florals, the design team and J. Starr’s Flower Barn created a plethora of “moments” in and around the barns’ beautiful spaces like the natural wood front doors, outdoor stone fireplace, and towering white silo.  Much thought was given to highlighting these aspects of the property’s architecture and bringing in fun touches to make the shoot stand out.  Vintage milk truck turned cocktail bar?  Enter Magnolia Lounge, mobile bar!  Please sit back, grab a draft Black Cherry Bourbon Fizz and browse this stunning Vanderwende Acres wedding shoot brought together by Be Inspired Public Relations.

vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0667 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0211 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0887 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0555 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_04544 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_078 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_055 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_099 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_06777 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_089 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0233 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0566 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0443 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0334 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0455 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0765 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0112 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_01223 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0234 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0445 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0234 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0232 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0554 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0556 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0764 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0545vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0112 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0234 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_099 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0677 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0899 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_088 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_011 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0667 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0556 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_033 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_09 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_066 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_022 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_01 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_078 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_05 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_011 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_033 vanderwende-acres-wedding-dusty-blue-wedding_0122

Special thanks to all the vendors who made this shoot pure perfection.  Browse their websites below and give them a little bit of love!

Catering: Taste Events
Linens: BBJ Linen
Beverage Truck: Magnolia Lounge
Stationery / Signage: Prim and Pixie
Vanderwende Acres Wedding | Dusty Blue Wedding

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Hi there! Welcome to the Stacy Hart blog, a journal about my clients' love stories. Pour a glass of wine & stay awhile!

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