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Dogfish Head Micro Wedding Part 4 \\ Dogfish Inn Wedding

January 27, 2021

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Over the course of the 2019 wedding season, I saw an uptick in a new type of intimate weddings.  Micro weddings, with only 5-10 guests, allowed couples to go all-out: with decor, food, and their overall experience.  A smaller guest list meant they could really make their wedding an event filled with stunning details at a fraction of the cost associated with a traditional wedding.  I was inspired by this trend and Dogfish Head Brewing’s local properties.  So, we created a Dogfish Inn wedding to inspire couples to plan an entire wedding weekend all here in the humble first state of Delaware.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dogfish Head Brewing, they have made a name for themselves by doing things a bit differently than other brewing companies.  Their tagline states that they brew “Off-Centered Ales For Off-Centered People”.  All of their beers, their restaurants, and the Dogfish Inn capture that adventurous spirit.  I was originally inspired by images of the Inn and actually let the spirit of each Dogfish Head property lead the way.

Part 4 – The Dogfish Inn Micro Wedding

To highlight the intimate experience of a micro wedding, we started off our shoot at the Dogfish Inn Super Sweet.  Check out the first part of the shoot on the blog here.  The second portion of the shoot was hosted at Chesapeake & Maine: Dogfish Head’s seafood restaurant in Rehoboth Beach.  We staged an intimate rehearsal dinner complete with florals by Belovely Design and signature cocktails by Dogfish Head’s culinary team.  View Part 2 and Part 3 on the blog here and keep reading to hear all about Part 4.

Keeping in line with the Dogfish Inn‘s vibe, Belovely Floral Co. incorporated elements of greenery and rich colors into her floral designs for the shoot.  These complemented the wood tones found in the Dogfish properties and added even more personality to the space.  We also added fruits to different design elements to reflect the ingredients used in several popular Dogfish Head beers: Namaste White, Sunday Feels, and Flesh & Blood IPA.  Additional inspiration pulled from Dogfish Head brews (in this case, Beer To Drink Music To) came in the form of a vinyl record reception display and custom place-setting cookies by Tiny Tudor Cookies.  Organic florals on the Inn’s fireplace mantel designated the ceremony space: an intimate set-up for just 8 guests.  After the ceremony, guests were greeted with a sweet family-style table reception.  The culinary team at Dogfish Head created an amazing spread of charcuterie and coastal fare for everyone to enjoy.  In addition, we included a second reception design for couples to consider using.  Belovely decked out the unique circular booths at Dogfish Head’s Brewing & Eats in Rehoboth.  That space was stunning!  Click here to see it.

Once dinner was over our bride + groom enjoyed a quiet moment by the Inn’s firepit.  Sam Calagione, the founder of Dogfish, is known to host fireside chats and that provided the perfect inspiration for this part of the wedding weekend experience.  Belovely Floral Co. & Elevee and Co. used the ceremony spaces florals to create a stunning floral moment in this space as well.  It truly elevated the fire pit area.

Finally, we snuck off to Cape Henlopen for more portraits.  Cape Henlopen State Park is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike.  It made the perfect backdrop for a second set of portraits to wrap up our couple’s Dogfish Inn wedding afternoon.

Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_123 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_12w Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_1276 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_1234 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_12655 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_74 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_1222 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_1254 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_877 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_12232 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_33 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_3433 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_0988 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_444 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_876 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_324 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_232 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_876 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_8767 vDogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_232 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_121Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_0887 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_0655 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_0232 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_0666 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_0323 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_0454 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_0667 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_0788 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_0445 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_044 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_02344Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_232 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_232 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_676 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_9090 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_443 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_2132 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_554 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_654 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_232 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_766 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_988 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_11 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_987 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_77 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_232 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_654 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_65 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_766Dogfish-Head-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_wew Dogfish-Head-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_454 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_565 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_i7823 Dogfish-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_232 Dogfish-Head-Inn-Wedding-Stacy-Hart-Photography_45


Concept/Photography • Stacy Hart Photography@stacyhartphotography

Planning Design • Elevee & Co • @eleveeandco

Floral Design • Belovely Design • @belovely_design

Venue • Dogfish Head Properties • @dogfishinn @dogfishhead

Cinema • Hello Sweetie Studios@hellosweetie.studios

Bridal Salon • Jennifer’s Bridal@jennifersbridal

Bridal Gown & Jumpsuit Designers • BHLDN & Ti Adora Bridal & Willow By Watters@bhldn @tiadorabridal @willowbywatters

Suit • The Black Tux • @theblacktux

Wardrobe Styling • Sweet & Bitter •  @sweet.and.bitter

Wedding Rings • Heidi Lowe •  @heidilowe

Makeup • Dani Gaudiosi •  @danigaudiosimua

Hair • Taylor McClean •  @taymcartistry

Stationery x Calligraphy • Lewes Lettering Co. •  @lewesletteringco

Tabletop Rentals • Pretty Little Wedding Co. •  @prettylittleweddingco

Linens • Nuage Designs Inc. • @nuagedesignsinc

Cookies • Tiny Tudor Cookies • @tinytudorcookies

Couple/Dog • @amandamritter @scottyboom302 @pippaandpenny.bmd

Dogfish Inn Wedding | Stacy Hart Photography

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Hi there! Welcome to the Stacy Hart blog, a journal about my clients' love stories. Pour a glass of wine & stay awhile!

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