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January 30, 2013

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Addisyn and I have had a series of off days. Except our off days seem to have become less a rarity and more the norm. They are the kind of days where Not Obeying Momma holds hands with Not Working Disciplinary Tactics and they go right out the door along with their friends: No Logical Answer and Why Try Reasoning. This post, albeit positive in nature, could have very well gone in the opposite direction had I not had a few amazingly supportive women in my life; one of which wrote me the most heartfelt message telling me about her experience tasting humble pie when her second child arrived.   One day, on another post, I will probably share with you all the juicy details about how Addisyn tests me on a daily basis. I am pretty sure it will be therapeutic…. But today I require positivity – lots of it – to get me through a rough mothering week. And isn’t that the key to being a good mommy? Resting on the positive and relishing in the small loving moments to help get us through the negative days.

Yep, today we travel to The Land of Pretend. It’s a place where unicorns are the pets of princesses and playing house means taking naps every five minutes. And you know this mommy can get down with some pretend nap time. It looks a lot like regular nap time except she puts me to sleep. Maybe it is because of moments like this that I have begun to let go of the world of arts and crafts with Addisyn and embrace The Land of Pretend. Or maybe it is because my girly can imagine just about anything and I love to watch that unfold. The other day she tucked an almond milk carton to sleep; making sure the burp cloth blanket and diaper pillow were perfectly comforting to the baby.  Mind you, there were three or four actual baby dolls lying around the floor and she chose to put the almond milk to sleep. When I suggested that she might use a baby doll she paused, looked at one, thought better of it, and turned around to sing a lullaby to baby milk carton.    Today our pretend was that she was the mommy and I was the Addy. The three foot blonde hair me went through a whole entire day starting with a trip to the beach where she drove, told me to be patient three times in the back seat, and said that I will have to wait for my snack when I get to the beach.  We stayed for a brief moment at the beach before we were back at home taking a nap, or four of them, and then talking on the phone with her friend Meech and Brookie.  As the story goes, Brookie, who is also a princess, was coming over to play in her princess tower so I turned back into mommy to help make her a princess tunnel for Princess Addisyn and Knight Kellan to crawl through to escape the nice monster.  Aaah, The Land of Pretend. The place where things don’t happen the way you expect them to and it makes for a better story. I love it. There is no stress…just unicorns and princesses. And wouldn’t you know it? In The Land of Pretend I always make friends with This Doesn’t Make Sense and Just Let Go. 

With Love,


I have a small selection of pictures this week. I am still learning how to be a mommy of two and have a camera in hand :-) 

Copyright Stacy Hart Photography - Delaware Family Photographer

Copyright Stacy Hart Photography - Delaware Family Photographer
Copyright Stacy Hart Photography - Delaware Family Photographer

Copyright Stacy Hart Photography - Delaware Family Photographer

Copyright Stacy Hart Photography - Delaware Family Photographer

Copyright Stacy Hart Photography - Delaware Family Photographer

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  1. Kelly Jo

    January 31st, 2013 at 8:07 am

    Yayyy! She is playing with Ariel! :) Aunt Kelly is excited! And Stacy!!! That is quite the setup with the tunnel to the Princess Tower. High Fives for awesomeness!!

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