Beccy + Josh | A Buena Vista Wedding

September 11, 2014

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Is there a term out there for the “coolest-roll-with-the-punches” bride and groom? If not, I am making one up today. From now on, if you have a wedding and it downpours at the very last minute and it is entirely too late to change to plan B and you STILL casually walk down the aisle and continue to gaze into one another’s eyes as you exchange vows and rings, then you, my friend, are officially “Schwartzing” it. Because that is what Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz totally did on their wedding day two weeks ago. So basically now I’m their biggest fan and they won the SHP “coolest couple of the year” award for “Schwartzing” the heck out of their wedding day. They are such a fun and laid back couple, which made their wedding ceremony even more gorgeous than all the beautiful details they included in their day! It’s just one of the many, many reasons why I love these two. On top of all of that, I feel like Beccy has become such a good friend to me over the past few months so I was even more honored and blessed to be a part of their day.  I can NOT wait to see what the future has in store for them as a Mr. and Mrs. couple.  I know it is going to be wonderful things.

Beccy and Josh, your day was absolutely beautiful and there were so many wonderful memories made. I wish you the best that life has to offer.  Congrats to you and have an awesome time on your honeymoon!!!!

Buena Vista Wedding Photographer - Stacy HartBuena Vista Wedding Photography - Stacy HartBuena Vista Wedding Photographer - Stacy HartStacy Hart - Buena Vista Wedding PhotographerStacy Hart - Buena Vista Wedding PhotographyStacy Hart - Buena Vista Wedding Photographer2014-09-10_00092014-09-10_00162014-09-10_00132014-09-10_00022014-09-10_00032014-09-10_00152014-09-10_00172014-09-10_0008Stacy Hart - Buena Vista Wedding Photographer2014-09-10_00142014-09-10_0079Stacy Hart - Buena Vista Wedding Photographer2014-09-10_0076
Stacy Hart - Buena Vista Wedding PhotographyBuena Vista Wedding Photographer - Stacy HartBuena Vista Wedding Photography - Stacy HartStacy Hart - Buena Vista Wedding Photographer2014-09-10_00272014-09-10_0028Aren’t they cute? Josh had the cutest reaction to seeing her for the first time. Stacy Hart - Buena Vista Wedding Photographer2014-09-10_0024Buena Vista Wedding Photographer - Stacy HartBuena Vista Wedding Photography - Stacy Hart2014-09-10_00292014-09-10_00262014-09-10_00312014-09-10_0033Pretty light!2014-09-10_00342014-09-10_0035Just smitten :- )2014-09-10_00362014-09-10_00372014-09-10_00382014-09-10_00392014-09-10_00402014-09-10_00412014-09-10_0042

2014-09-10_00432014-09-10_0045Loved the inside of Buena Vista! We took advantage of a few extra minutes while we waited for a little downpour to stop.2014-09-10_00462014-09-10_00472014-09-10_00482014-09-10_00772014-09-10_0081
2014-09-10_00572014-09-10_0058Buena Vista Wedding - Stacy Hart2014-09-10_00602014-09-10_00612014-09-10_00622014-09-10_00632014-09-10_0064
2014-09-10_00662014-09-10_00672014-09-10_00682014-09-10_00692014-09-10_0070FAVE! Buena Vista Wedding Photographer - Stacy HartBuena Vista Wedding Photography - Stacy Hart2014-09-10_00732014-09-10_00742014-09-10_0075




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