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It all started about a year ago when my little sis, Kelly Jo, was anxiously awaiting her first date with a man she met on her coed soccer team. She called me and my older sister to gain back some of the confidence she had lost after being disappointed time and time again on the […]

  • Darcy - Beautiful post, Stace!!

    Love all the pictures leading up to the wedding. Kel Jo made a gorgeous bride and I wish all the happiness in the world to her and Jon.ReplyCancel

  • Dana - What great memories!! She is going to love being able to look back at all these pictures:) So glad I could help prepare her for her special day!!ReplyCancel

  • Kelli Schneider - Great blog, Stacy! I really enjoyed reading it and excited to see pictures from the bachelorette and rehearsal as I was unable to attend. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend and I'm so happy for your sister and welcome her into our family with open arms! Keep in touch and give lil Addisyn a hug for me!ReplyCancel

  • StacyHartPhotography - Thank you so much everyone! I really enjoy reading comments and I am so glad you all like the blog. I hope to have a give away at the end of the year so be sure to stay tuned in and please send to family and friends.ReplyCancel

This particular post and pictures are a little over a week late, but that is partially because I am in denial. My dear sweet, Goombers, Love-bug, Bug, Bear, is eight months old! I can’t believe how time has seemingly strapped on a jet pack, hit the boosters, and blasted off leaving me standing still, hair […]

  • the sleepy time gal - just wait, my dear. you won't believe how fast time flies. the twins are almost 18 months!ReplyCancel

  • StacyHartPhotography - Oh no, Nicole! I can't even imagine Addisyn being 18 months old. Don't say it! I think I will have 10 more and then maybe it won't seem as bad :-)ReplyCancel

I love my readers and I am so sorry that I have been away for over a week, but rest assured it has been for a wonderful reason. Steve and I have anticipated this moment for several months and we were overjoyed to have the opportunity to finally pack up Ms. Addisyn and drive an hour […]

I am a sucker for a good tear jerking moment. You know, when the receiver of the underdog team tiptoes the sideline to score a winning touchdown in the fourth quarter? Oh how the tears start rolling down my cheeks as if my eyes were big thunderous rain clouds when I see a family drop […]

These baby blues can cure my “blues” in just one glance. They can make the sun shine brighter and the flowers smell sweeter. Even the most genuine and innocent stare makes my heart full in an instant. They captivate me into laying next to her while she sips on her bottle even though she no longer needs me to hold […]