7 Bucket List Photography Destinations

August 3, 2015

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I have been feeling incredibly inspired after my late spring wedding season so just fair warning this will be the first of many inspirational posts coming in the next few months. But I can’t help it!  You should see my office desk with all the ideas I have written on sticky notes. I literally had to go buy a college rule notebook to keep my ideas all be in one place instead of on sticky notes all over the place. And now that I have my notebook, I am filling up multiple sheets a day. I guess that is what happens when I have a few weeks of downtime. But, really, I am not complaining.

I thought of today’s post a few months back before I got pregnant with our third little nugget. Steve and I had this sudden urge to travel all over the place and we started saving up for our first and only honeymoon/vacation that was supposed to happen sometime next year. As God would have it, we are now saving for a mini-van. That God, what a jokester.  ANYwho, I am still not going to give up on the traveling thing, it just might be seriously delayed. In the meanwhile I will live vicariously through all these amazing photographers who are world travelers. Every time I see a shoot that really inspires me, I just add to my journal a bucket list of photography destinations.  To me, this isn’t a dream list that I will never obtain. I WILL scratch these off my list before I hang up my Canon camera as a career photographer.  Of course I have way more than seven, but I had to narrow this list down for your reading and viewing pleasure. Every time I see my favorite photographers shoot at my favorite destinations, I get a little photography envy. Some of the color palettes, lighting, landscape/architecture in these places are truly drool worthy. Just take a look for yourself.

1. ) New Zealand: Because who wouldn’t love to shoot on those rolling hills and gorgeous coastlines? It’s no wonder why so many films get shot there. But, even movies can’t quite capture it’s beauty. But these photos??? SWOON! Photography by my fave Erich McVey. There will be more Erich McVey work coming up in a future blog post. My blog has never seen this much pretty before. To see more from this breathtaking New Zealand wedding, click here.


2. ) Italy: Well, duh! I would die to shoot in a such a gorgeous country rich with art and culture. There would be inspiration on every corner, I am sure of it.  The architecture alone gives me goosebumps. If you don’t get inspired by looking at these moving photos by Erich McVey, then you are just plain crazy. He is a genius with his film camera. And this first image? I die!  To see more from this wedding, go to his link here.


3.) Iceland: If I am being honest, it wasn’t even on my bucket list until I saw one of my fave photographers go over there and make this magic. Between the waterfalls, airplane crashes, and icebergs, Lauren Fair pretty much had the most epic elopement shoot ever. If I was this couple I would weep just straight happy tears every time I looked at these images. I have gone back to this shoot at least two dozen times just for inspiration. I think I have the URL memorized. To see more of this elopement, please click here. And while you are there, leave Lauren Fair some love.


4.)  Big Sur/California Coast/California Desert: You don’t have to go out of the country to get awesome light and gorgeous coastlines. The people of California have it made when it comes to these gorgeous color tones. And, of course, Erich McVey has my heart going pitter patter every time. But these images are just so romantic.  To see more of this shoot, click here.


5.) Redwoods of Cali: This bucket list location should be pretty easy for me because Steve’s family lives so close to the heart of the Redwoods. Of course I will need a stunning couple like this one who is willing to model. Anyone?  Perry Vaile totally rocked the whole romantic vibe I get from the Redwoods in this elopement and I can’t even handle the beautiful composition on some of these photos. You need to go check out the whole blog here. And be prepared to head for the woods after this to photograph your own version of this romantic shoot.


6.) Oregon Coast: If I am going to be on the west coast so far north, I wouldn’t be able to leave without photographing some of Oregon’s coast. From the tones you would think this is from some remote European location, but it’s right here in the U.S. of A! Take me there. STAT! I’ve seen a ton of shoots on the Oregon coast, but Nikita Lee just had me smitten over this session. I first found it on the feature for 100 Layer Cakes here. And then found her blog post here. Gah!


7. ) Charleston: I can’t believe I have never shot in Charleston. The houses, Spanish moss, and culture are an artist’s dream. Even though I haven’t been there, I feel like I have with all the photos I see. Just recently I saw one of my faves, Katelyn James post this anniversary session and I couldn’t get enough of the light and the Spanish moss. You will have to go to the blog post to see how she is just a genius at working with light and composition especially with the downtown pics.

View More: http://katelynjames.pass.us/kaitlin-and-michael-anniversary

I just want to say a huge thank you for all the photographers who let me feature their beautiful images. I was overjoyed each time I got your responses in my inbox!  My blog has never looked so pretty. F’real! To see more of these artists work, please visit their website links below. Then come back again this month to see some featured again on another of my inspired blog posts.

Erich McVey

Lauren Fair

Perry Vaile

Nikita Lee

Katelyn James


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