5 Film Photographers You Must Follow

October 1, 2015

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This post has been a long time coming. I have been itching to publish it for quite some time, but I wanted to wait until my blog design got updated so that the new blog look would do these images a little justice. I came up with this idea around the time I came up with my 7 Bucket List Photography Destinations, but just like that post, it required reaching out to some of the most talented photographers of this time so I kept putting it off. I was nervous to email each of them because I knew they were far too busy and probably received requests like mine all the time, but in fact I got the opposite. I finally built up enough courage around mid summer and almost immediately received a warm and encouraging response from each of them and they were all happy to share one of their fave film images with me. It made me even more excited to enter into the film world next year. And then last month I had my fabulous designer clean up the blog a few weeks ago ago. I wanted something that was clean, but warm, with a fine art feel that wasn’t like the rest. So, here we are. One of the most beautiful blog posts I have ever posted. I aspire to possess this much talent at my craft one day. And most importantly, I pray that I find the courage to press through with my dreams of shooting film. Film images speak volumes to me. I feel like they have more soul and the cut to the very depth of my passion. These film photographers are a handful of my favorite all time photographers and if you LOVE photography, weddings, fashion, and art, you would be remiss not to follow. Just see for yourself.

**Click on their names to see more of their portfolio**


Erich McVey

0047-Erich McVey + Ginny Au | Elk, California

Laura Gordon

127-lauragordonphotography_Liv Hart at Lyndhurst

Jeremy Chou

jeremy chou photography lavender stylized shoot-0036

Perry Vaile


Lauren Fair



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