Monthly Archives: September 2014

Steve and I have been trying to stay up later at night because of his new nightly school schedule. As a result, I haven’t been waking up to do my early morning Bible study. But this morning I woke up at 6:00am and I couldn’t get back to sleep. My heart was just telling me […]

It’s not too often I get to travel to Richmond, Virginia, but when I am asked to shoot there, I do not hesitate. Especially now that I know of Maymont Park. Wow! This place is just gorgeous. And apparently very popular on a warm Saturday afternoon. I’m going to have shoot there a few more […]

How many times have you become frustrated because you weren’t where you wanted to be in your business? Maybe you felt like you hadn’t grown technically, or you are at a standstill with projects because you can’t think of anything new? Maybe you are even discouraged, or have had a series of photo shoots you […]

Good morning, friends!!! I am happy to be back at it after a week hiatus from the blogging world. But have no fear! ;-)  I have a whole weeks worth of blog posts ready to roll for you. In the past few months I have received emails from new photographers with lots of questions about […]

Is there a term out there for the “coolest-roll-with-the-punches” bride and groom? If not, I am making one up today. From now on, if you have a wedding and it downpours at the very last minute and it is entirely too late to change to plan B and you STILL casually walk down the aisle […]

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