Monthly Archives: March 2014

Last year I kept seeing the term B.H.A.G. pop up on some of the blogs I often read. It stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal, and the good Lord knows I have some of those. As I was reading others’ BHAGs, I was secretly thinking to myself: my BHAGs are so big that they aren’t even […]

I am so stinking excited about the response to my Porch Swing promotion!  My desire is that it will become a community of friends who share the belief that the emotional connections that exist among their family, the loves of their life, deserve to be captured.  And not just once, for a special occasion, but […]

Last year I became really inspired by lifestyle photography so in the spring of last year, I decided to try my own lifestyle session with a really cool family. As I was doing that shoot, I realized that I totally enjoyed the freedom that it gave me to try to slow down and look for […]

My Man. Here he is after our family photo shoot last weekend with our baby. I had  just lifted my camera up at the end of our session to quickly try to capture their looks of pure exhaustion so its out of focus. But nonetheless, I totally adore it, even in it’s imperfection. <deep contented […]

It’s my birthday! So, I am totally writing this from my bathroom while I soak in a hot bubble bath and sip on a glass of crisp, unoaked Chardonnay.  All the while, my littles are downstairs eating shrimp and bagged steamed corn, and the hubby is eating leftover chicken wings. It’s my birthday and I […]

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