Monthly Archives: January 2014

I am totally winning mother of the year award.  I wrote this on my Facebook yesterday around lunch time. This status update came after losing my patience with Addisyn and reacting to some petty annoyances that were just building up to my breaking point by 11:00am yesterday morning. I totally lost my motherly cool and the […]

So, this little one… We have been waiting on him for quite a while. And not just nine months, but maybe even a whole year before we even knew my sister was pregnant with JP, we were praying for this little Irish nugget. And now that he is here, it is just perfect.  Joseph was […]

Gah! If there was such a thing as newborn model prodigies, baby Noah would take the cake. This handsome little man showed up to my studio asleep and stayed asleep the. whole. time! And so that pretty much gave me, his momma, and daddy an hour and fifteen minutes to ooh and ah over him. […]

When I was little, I remember watching the Circus of the Stars show (thanks Facebook friends for helping me remember the name) every year. I don’t remember when it came on during the year, but I do remember watching it several years in a row as a family. It wasn’t the same as going to […]

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