Monthly Archives: January 2013

Addisyn and I have had a series of off days. Except our off days seem to have become less a rarity and more the norm. They are the kind of days where Not Obeying Momma holds hands with Not Working Disciplinary Tactics and they go right out the door along with their friends: No Logical […]

To say I was pumped for this January family session would be an understatement. An outdoor family shoot during the dead of winter is rare, but Heather suggested that we do the shoot on her family’s farm if the weather was going to be nice and I was praying that would happen. I am sure […]

I have a new alarm clock. She is about 3 feet tall, has wispy blonde hair that sweeps across her face then falls to her shoulders, the softest blue eyes that would make any momma swoon, and knows how to sport some footie purple polka-dot pajamas.  Ever since she hit big-girl bed status, I can guarantee a […]

This past Monday I was able to meet little baby Andrew. I met his big sister last spring and was amazed with how much she has grown, but this time she had a little brother to love on. This whole session was full of smiles. Anna couldn’t get enough of her little tinker bell pixie outfit […]

Adjusting. That will be the word of the month. Maybe even the word of the year. From November 19th until now it has been less about adjusting and more about surviving the day without a complete breakdown. I don’t think I have it as bad as some people, but I also think I have had […]

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