Monthly Archives: August 2012

Steve and I can clearly remember when we adopted our first dog from the SPCA. It was love at first sight when we locked eyes with those soft brown eyes of our terrier mix, Boo.  The decision to adopt him was an easy one. We eagerly filled out the adoption questionnaire and effortlessly answered most […]

I could not be more thrilled with how little Ariana’s pictures turned out at 17 days new! She was such an angel while we moved her from pose to pose. I could have stayed there all day and waited for her to fall back asleep to get even more combinations of backgrounds, but I think […]

Okay, let’s just get real with each other. This blogging thing is hard when you’re pregnant. There is a massive decrease in motivation of all daily activities that combines itself with my brain vaulting all intelligent vocabulary for nine months.  All rational thought and behavior is replaced with an insane amount of tear duct juice […]

I can’t get over how cute this little man is. He is absolutely perfect – from his full head of hair all the way to those itty bitty toes. He was also a dream to work with. Once he fell asleep he was down for the count and I was able to practice a new […]

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