Monthly Archives: June 2012

Stay- at- home- mom. A title I wear proudly and a job that requires no explanation. Or justification for that matter.   I choose it for my life because there is really no other way. It’s a gift, a dream, a blessing and as with any job there are great rewards if I try my best. […]

Morning drives to gain inspiration: Suffice is to say that my Mondays are no longer a slow start to the week. Nope, Addisyn and I prefer a good full speed, gears into overdrive, jump- into- Monday- head- first- approach these days. Addisyn is out of Prewee school which means little time to myself to get […]

I have wanted to do a stylized shoot for a long time.  It was somewhat of a distant dream until I went to Connecticut last year and participated in a stylized shoot based off the movie The Notebook (which just happens to be one of my all time fav movies).  After actually experiencing the beauty […]

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