Monthly Archives: March 2012

I remember being in my apartment at college my second year and looking at a Victoria’s Secret magazine with my best friend. I wasn’t attending school that year because I was “working” *cough, cough* partying full time while waiting for my report-no-later-than-date for Air Force basic training.  We were dog-earing pages that displayed the gorgeous […]

Coffee shop confession:  You know what music is not inspiring? Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun.  It’s a coffee shop fail. Even if I was just sitting here, eating my croissant, sipping on my espresso, and minding my business, I would not want to jam out to Black Hole Sun. Follow that up with Alice and Chains […]

This is my breather post. This is a post specifically full of happiness and cheer because I needed it. I desperately needed the relaxation and waves of peace that this scrum-dili-umptious spring weather has brought into my life. I have no problem using made up adjectives like “scrum-dili-umptious” to describe my present state right now […]

I am super scared to write this post. I debated on whether or not this was the right forum for a good couple of hours. You know, the whole fact that at least 100 other people are going to read it and maybe even judge me after it is all over with.  Pretty scary, right? […]

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