Monthly Archives: December 2011

Instead of being up to my eyeballs in wrapping paper and Christmas ribbon like I should be this week, I am following Addisyn around with a box of tissues and a thermometer.  By the way, I much prefer the former, but this bad case of bronchitis comes with a perk for me: all she wants […]

I took a moment to gather my thoughts then proceeded with caution. “It’s about the smoking thing…” I began calmly, before Stacy cut in. “I know it’s a nasty habit,” she said, “I plan on quitting after the deployment.” “YES!” I thought to myself as a flood of relief poured through my body.  “That’s great […]

Most of my awesome readers know that this blog is really all about love.  You know that I write about how much I love my role as Addisyn’s mommy and adore the fact that Steve is the one that God picked to be my husband. When I blog I combine my words and pictures in […]

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