Monthly Archives: October 2011

You know those dreams you have that are so real and so amazing that when the alarm goes off you keep hitting snooze to take in even the littlest morsel more?  I have a friend who literally dreams of being in a small canoe with rainbows all around her. When she falls out of the […]

She softly closes her eyes as he gently touches his fingertips to her face to move her dark loose strands of hair behind her ear. You can be standing two feet or twenty feet away from them and I swear you see, feel, and hear her breathe in his closeness. Together they melt in each […]

I have always wanted to be that girl in the cozy coffee shop, connected to Wi-Fi and studiously working away at something really important; maybe a business owner who is connecting with important clients or, better yet, a hipster writing a righteous story.  Do hipsters say words like righteous? I often go into my local […]

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