Monthly Archives: August 2011

We had an unwelcomed guest this week by the name of Irene. I decided early on that I wouldn’t let her get the best of me even though she forced me to cancel two fun shoots in Virginia.  After hanging out all night with the, perfectly coined, “tornadbro” crew and playing “Apples to Apples” by candlelight, we were itching to get […]

I found this poem a few weeks ago and I decided to save it for a week when things were just plain crazy. Addisyn is climbing all over the place, the business is going swimmingly (

“Ap-ble, Ap-ble, Ap-ble!” She cried and pointed to the fridge. She knew exactly where the freshly cut apples were that I had put away a few minutes prior. “Apple? You want an apple?”  I asked pleasantly surprised.  When she looked up at me, her smile gave me a sign that we understood each other.  It […]

“Julie likes to sing to herself”, her sister told us during her toast… She makes up silly songs as she is cooking dinner or getting ready to go out; impromptu songs that don’t make  any sense, but easily display her happiness for even the simplest task. Tom?  He doesn’t look at her like she has a giant […]

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