Monthly Archives: March 2011

He’s my breath of fresh air. The kind I need when I am having a bad day and the kind I feel when he walks through the front door. He gives the best good-morning kisses. Not the kind that are rushed and routine, but the kind that linger for a moment longer and leave my […]

One thousand three hundred and twenty. That is the total number of calories of the whole box of Lucky Charms I am currently devouring and the amount of calories I could inexplicably consume in the next hour if I don’t stop staring at the computer screen and catch my thoughts that are currently playing ping pong […]

She is softhearted, kind and has a gentle soul. She is beautiful and a friend.  I knew when my friend Arianne put her outfit on that these pics were going to be amazing, but I didn’t know that the theme would turn into soft and muted colors that capture her beauty even more. Arianne is a […]

I can taste it. Even though it is only fifty degrees outside and the crisp cool wind is still gently tapping my cheeks and nose, reminding me that it is not quite time to spend the afternoons outside all day. But oh how I can already smell the sweet scent of the inaugural spring flower that pops up from […]

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