Monthly Archives: December 2010

Success when it comes to Christmas is measured in the following three ways: smiles, laughter, and tears of happiness. By that definition, my first Christmas as a family of three was successful. And because the majority of my day today was filled with multiple trips down to the trash and recycling cans and creating a new “Things to […]

I am giving Steve the night off  because he deserves itbecause this week has been absolute crazinessbecause I need some hubby timebecause my family needs some Steve time ( lets face it…he is AWESOME)because it is CHRISTMAS! Chapter Six will be posted next Thursday! Enjoy your very wonderful Christmas weekend. Tune in Monday for a new […]

I first started this blog as a means of trying to bottle up all the love that was bursting from my soul. I needed a way to express everything or, at the very least, the most important things I was feeling as a new mother and as a wife. More than that, there was a […]

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