Monthly Archives: November 2010

Last year I celebrated Thanksgiving with almost my whole extended family. We gathered around shrimp dip, a turkey fryer, green bean casserole and football games on T.V. and stuffed ourselves. When we thought we couldn’t possibly eat any more, we traded in the buttoned pants for comfortable sweats and picked up where we left off. […]

My camera broke this week (which is kind of like having your building collapse in an ordinary small business). And not in the, “I am an enthusiast so although very annoying, I can wait for two weeks for it to be repaired kind of way”. Nope! It broke in the, “When I got home I […]

Because it is Monday Night…Because I have three photo shoots to edit…Because I should no longer neglect my husband…Because I am participating in a silent auction for a great organization …and Because I have a baby shower to prepare for this weekend… This will be a short post, but please enjoy my sneak peeks to a couple of […]

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