Monthly Archives: August 2010

I am a sucker for a good tear jerking moment. You know, when the receiver of the underdog team tiptoes the sideline to score a winning touchdown in the fourth quarter? Oh how the tears start rolling down my cheeks as if my eyes were big thunderous rain clouds when I see a family drop […]

These baby blues can cure my “blues” in just one glance. They can make the sun shine brighter and the flowers smell sweeter. Even the most genuine and innocent stare makes my heart full in an instant. They captivate me into laying next to her while she sips on her bottle even though she no longer needs me to hold […]

There are times when my plate is too full and I just have to lighten my load. Therefore, this post is short and sweet. Please enjoy the tiny snapshots of my wonderful weekend celebrating my little sister’s bridal shower! First, just a reminder of the beautiful couple: Jon and Kelly Jo. Keljo, I can’t wait to […]

Imagine that. It took the most amazing, detailed, time-consuming, esteemed, critical, and sometimes complicated job of motherhood to make me realize that at the end of the day, happiness means keeping life simple. (Mind you, this post is coming from a former career driven female that enjoyed the world of business suits, nice paychecks, and […]

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